Lemon Soul

033: Tia Nicoletti - Windsor Circus School // Let Go, Lean In & Learn

June 29, 2020

Stoked to sit down with Tia on this episode as we discuss the incredible heart, mind, and body dedication that she has given to the Windsor Circus School. Not only do we talk about the physicality of it all, but the mental barrier that many people are confronted with when they first begin! Tia unravels what it is like to not only be an athlete in this world, but how to be a coach .. and an incredible one at that. PLUS we get to talk all things travel as we dive deeper into Tia's personal life where she lived in Malaysia, stood in the smoke during the burning of the palms, and how talking to people across the world has given her such a gracious amount of knowledge and respect for the human experience. LEGGO!

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